My First Post!

Well, hello! I wanted my first post to be about my first book. But don’t worry, my blog won’t be exclusively about ‘me, me, me’ or ‘my book, buy it, now, did you buy it?’ 🙂

Okay. So what is this book called? What’s it about? Where am I in the process of getting it to print?

I have always been drawn to fantasy writing. The ability to create an entire world from nothing really appeals to me. It’s almost sad how giddy I get when I start creating a new world. But – hey – aren’t all writers in love with the process? Anyway… on one side, I thought about writing a series about elves in a fantasy world like Lord of the Rings. I also did not want to bite off more than I could chew either. In reality, I knew I wanted to write something that was worthy of self-publication (and I will write a post as to why I decided to self-publish later). And just like that, I was struck with an epiphany. A quote on Pinterest struck me as instant gold. Suddenly, I threw open a notebook and started writing out an outline, character profiles, and the potential for two more books.

It wasn’t what I had intended, at first. A post-apocalyptic setting just seemed right for this story. Five hundred years since the entire world was entangled in a war that nearly wiped out all human existence. The lead character, a strong, bad-ass woman who protects a small colony of farmers from merciless Gangs that cover half of the region. Early on, she comes across a vault with two survivors. These two brothers beg her to help them find their father, who had left the vault years before the Gangs were able to infiltrate and enslave their friends. The whole novel is a roller-coaster of risk, secrets, and surprises. I don’t particularly like books with huge chunks of boring chapters so I spent a lot of time writing action packed scenes.

Currently, I am in the 1st and 2nd edits of the book. I go through the chapter with a fine-tooth comb twice before my husband’s cousin (my editor) offers her edits to me. I also just had a daughter in late December, so I am spending my maternity leave editing like crazy! My goal is to have Book 1, titled Purpose done with copyright and adorned with an appropriate cover by early Summer or late Spring. Then, I will do one last read through and get it published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. by the end of August.

If you are interested in reading this book, I hope that it surpasses your expectations! I’m including the Blurb for Purpose below. This will be on the back of the paperback copy when it is finally published:

The only remnants of the Old Times are crumbling cities and desolate streets. Their tales, all but lost. Five hundred years have passed since the Old Time Wars, nearly causing the extinction of all humans.

Descendants of the few survivors have since rebuilt. Power, weaponry, and skill in battle now rule the region where Eva Calloway resides. She protects a colony of Rovers from the two largest Gangs in the region, desperate to atone for her own bloody past.

Everything changes when she rescues brothers, Jake and Tommy McAvoy, from a mysterious vault that has not been opened since the wars. With each step closer to finding the boys’ missing father, the ghosts of her past begin to reappear. Now, Eva will be forced to fight her way out of the darkness or else be consumed by it.

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