Monday Prompt!

writing prompt 2

This writing prompt has some mature content. Discretion advised!

My Elder told me that I surpassed his expectations in completing my contract. It’s been a long time since I ended the life of an elderly individual. My usual targets are adult males, but they typically don’t fetch as high of a price. I would never believe that my next contract would be the first time I really… really screwed up.

This day is ingrained in my mind. It almost made me question my loyalty to the Brotherhood. Almost. The contract came in the same way it typically does, through a cryptic note in the mail. Only the Brotherhood has the cipher and it changes constantly. Anyway, the target was unusual, an eleven-year-old boy. At first, I refused, but my Elder was convincing.

“You see,” he reminded. “We only end the lives of those who deserve it. This ‘child’ has his own crimes to atone for.”

That comment hung in my mind until after I had entered the boy’s room. The clock read 12:07am. His parents were asleep. That was what I counted on. What I didn’t count on was his sister, aged ten.

“Are you the one who’s gonna stop my brother?” she whispered. “He hurts our littlest sister and he’s hurt animals and other people too.”

“You can’t stay here,” I said. “I can’t let you watch.”

“But he touches Ashley. My sister. He hit me with a hammer. On the weekends, he kills animals. And one time, he killed a person. But I never told anyone… I’m scared and my mom and dad don’t believe me. I want to make sure he’s gone.”

This young boy fit the bill. Understand, the Brotherhood is a global group of trained assassins. We never kill without a reason. All of our targets commit horrible acts against humans. Sexual predators, murderers, you name it. I have seen it all.

That is why my New Year’s Resolution was to complete more contracts. As long as I am alive, I will be justice.

This isn’t what I typically write as the subject matter makes my stomach turn a bit. However, isn’t that what being an author is about? Sometimes, one has to get out of their comfort zone. Part of the job of a writer is to delve into subjects that make society uncomfortable sometimes. For the next writing prompt, I will be a little more lighthearted 🙂

Monday Madness


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