Weekend Writing

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“How nice of him to buy me a drink,” I thought. Little did I realize, it wasn’t an alcoholic beverage, but a potion.

“Are you feeling okay?” my friend asked. He must have seen my brow furrow when my vision began to shift. It didn’t become hazy. No, it was much more unusual than that.

I remember the mysterious man walking up to me at the bar and start talking to me about the supernatural. Well, I am a huge nerd and I love fantasy, so when he asked me “If you could pick any superpower, what would it be?” I thought he was just joking, but he sounded so serious… That was what made my stomach turn. Until I thought about it, something was very unusual about him. Not the creepy, kidnap-py type guy. It’s something that I can’t explain.

“Telekinesis and Telepathy, for sure.” I wasn’t drunk at that point. My friend, James, was talking to a few of his friends who had met up with us. But I only had a few drinks before I felt the man tap me on the shoulder. A ton of questions popped up in my head. Is he hitting on me? Do I know him? What’s different about him? Something is off.

After I finished the drink, I started feeling funny. My arms were warm and everything I could see was much brighter than before. Then, it dawned on me. The man did not get my drink from the bar. Or a waitress, for that matter. I started to panic. James could see me hyperventilating.

“Hey!” He shook me. “Lydia! What’s wrong? What happened?”

All I could say before I went unconscious was, “The drink.”

It was hours later when I woke up in the hospital ER. James was there with his friend Aaron. They were both freaking out and pacing in my room. Then I started to freak out when I opened my eyes. I could hear their voices, but their mouths weren’t moving.

“I hope she’s okay,” my best friend was speaking in my head. “If someone drugged her I swear to God I’m going to kill them. I’ll find out who they are and slit their throat.”

Then I turned to Aaron. “Poor Lydia. I hope she was just overheated. I hope she wakes up soon.”

They noticed I had opened my eyes and rushed over to the side of the bed. They were asking questions, but I could hear each one of their voices twice. Once, when their mouth was forming the words, but I could hear the question before they said it.

“What happened?”

“Some guy gave me a drink and I started to feel weird. Still do…”

James stood up and punched the wall, demanding to know what the man’s name was. I told him I didn’t know. He wasn’t satisfied with the answer and started to badger me. Aaron tried calming him down. The thirtieth time he asked “Who was it?” I lost my composure.

“I. don’t. know.” I yelled. But it wasn’t the volume of my voice that scared the crap out of us. No. When my anger was rising, I felt powerful. And when I let it out, the chairs in the room, my IV, and the board at my feet exploded across the room, missing Aaron by inches.

“What the hell?” James looked around. Aaron was on the floor in shock. “How did you do that?”

“I didn’t…” I lifted my hand and pointed to the chair. It started to lift back on it’s feet. “Oh my God… This can’t be happening.”

I reached for my purse and it floated into my lap. My heart was racing so fast that the machine’s alarm started going off. A nurse walked into the room and pressed a few buttons while I dug around in my bag. My hand brushed against something that I didn’t remember putting in there, a folded up piece of paper. I pulled it out as the nurse left. James and Aaron’s eyes widened.

“This isn’t mine,” I said, but I opened it anyway. The handwriting I didn’t recognize.

“Read it.”


You may not know me, but I have been watching you. I have chosen to bestow a gift. Something that you must use for good… for the benefit of humanity. The potion you were given allowed a part of your brain to unlock. Your desired ability is now a reality. But I did not do this for you. There are others that I have changed around the globe and none have disappointed me. Do not be the first.

I will be checking up on you.”


Writing Prompt

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    1. Why thank you! It may become a short story in the future. But stay tuned for more Writing Prompts because I may come back to this story 🙂 feel free to follow my blog so you’ll know asap! Thanks for reading 😁


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