Wednesday Writing Prompt!

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Don’t worry if you are following my “Let’s Write a Novel” series of posts. I will be writing that on Friday – Outlining Your Novel. Enjoy the prompt today 🙂 Thanks for visiting as usual!

In my land, everyone is born with a particular birthmark. It signifies what job you will have when you are ‘of age’. As for me, well… my parents were poor, so they believed that I would inherit one of their jobs. My father and mother were both born with the birthmarks of laborers. My father, a farmer, and my mother, a seamstress to the wealthy. They prayed to the gods that I was able to make a life for myself. And when I was born, they searched my entire body. There was no birthmark.

They brought me to the temples and the priests searched my spirit, but they were just as concerned. It wasn’t until the town’s Witch Doctor searched my energy that I discovered my career, an oracle. My birthmark was, in fact, the lack of one… it was known as ‘the clean one.’

There hadn’t been an oracle in eons. Someone who was able to see into one’s future was beyond rare. However, I would be forced to live in seclusion, let go of every possession, and remain close to nature. In order to see clearly, I would have to be free of earthly tethers. My home must be near all five elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the Divine. I took the position with grace and was separated from my family in my tenth year.

Because the carrier ravens were sent all around the land telling of my birth, my first few years in seclusion was spent with patrons. They would bring offerings of food in hopes of good fortune. One day, a man who called himself “The Rodent” came for a reading.

“What is your career?” I asked.

“Promise that you will never tell another,” he looked around nervously. “I’m not even sure how ethical it is for me to see an oracle.”

I have no one to tell.”

“I suppose so. I am a thief… Will I come into a great fortune? And if so, where will I find it?”

My duty was bound to my occupation, but I also was not sure how I felt about speaking the future of this man. But I also could not lie. So, I took a deep breath and centered myself, allowing the elements to fill my being. Images flashed before my eyes, The Rodent’s past and present. And then, his future.


I paused. I had to be honest. My vows bound me by speaking the entire truth. “You will take a fortune in the King’s Castle. More gold and jewels than you can carry. I also saw your new home, a wife, and a child. But…”

“What?” The Rodent swallowed hard. “What did you see?”

“I also saw your death,” I cleared my throat. “It will come swiftly… very soon after you reap your fortune.”

The Thief stood up shaking his head. “No. No. No. This can’t be. I am too young to die. What if I don’t seek out the King’s treasures?”

“Death will find you either way. It is fixed and unrelated to your fortune.”

I was only in my fifteenth year when I met The Rodent. It had been the first time I foretold someone’s untimely death. The worst part is, I knew it wouldn’t be the last.

ENJOY THIS PROMPT 🙂Writing Prompt.png


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