How to Find Inspiration

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Perhaps you want to write a novel but don’t have any clue where to get started. Where does an author get inspiration? How do you know it’s a good idea? Inspiration is the very first seed in writing a novel, or anything for that matter. That’s why I wanted to start here. In this category of blog posts, I will offer any insight that helped me get that first book to near publication. However, I do want to note that there isn’t a specific order to take these steps and what worked for me may not work for you. I just hope that some of this helps you! 🙂

Okay, whew. So where can you get inspiration for your writing project? Whether it’s a novel, short story, poem, haiku, or anything else, you can get inspiration anywhere. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true! The key to getting that “eureka” moment is keeping an open mind and writing down everything.

Personally, I find my best ideas come from bits and pieces of dreams. It never comes all in one night, but certain scenes and plot twists will find their way into a short story idea or part of my novel. I do have one rule though, keep a notebook by my bed. If, in the morning, I think the idea is crappy, I don’t feel bad about scrapping it. Stay positive that amazing inspiration will come eventually!

Not every author (and yes – you are an author!) will find great ideas in their dreams. Like in my last post, find what works for you. Try meditating, taking a walk, painting, search Pinterest for writing prompts, ANYTHING you can think of! Personally, I think the key to getting that inspiration is relaxing your mind. It is only natural to have some anxiety or need for perfection, but that will hinder you from getting out that awesome novel!

Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration. There are countless writing prompts for all types of genres and pictures that depicts scenes, characters, and environments. Any type of book you could ever want to write, there is something to pin. Not only that, there are many resources for designing book covers, where and how to self-publish (if you choose that route), and how to market your novel when it is available. I would definitely suggest making an account (and follow me, of course!) if only for the purpose organizing your inspiration.

How do you know that your idea could be a book? Another post will deal with ways to outline your novel, but understanding whether your idea is able to be outlined is a good start. Also, be sure that you are passionate about the idea itself. Give it a few days and expand on the blurb, create characters, polish the environment, etc. After a week or so, scrap it if you aren’t excited about writing it. Basically, if it has enough substance, it can be expanded to at least 70,000 words. And if you make it that far (which I know you will), BAM. You have a first draft!

I hope this helped a bit. Remember:

  1. Find a way to relax and ‘let your guard down’.
  2. Always keep a notebook and writing utensil close.
  3. If you don’t think it’s a great idea, scrap it.
  4. Get a Pinterest Account.
  5. Stay positive and keep going! 🙂

My next “Let’s Write a Novel” post will be about dealing with too many ideas.

As always, thanks for reading and following my blog. Much appreciated! 🙂

The Secret to Writing

blog post 2 picOne of the most frustrating things about being a new writer is finding out what works for you. How do you get yourself to actually sit down and write? Do you have to listen to music? Do you have to lock yourself in a room alone or do you prefer writing at Starbucks? Is the internet turned off or are you allowing yourself breaks? What do other authors do to get that first (or tenth) book complete???

It seems like every author claims to know the secrets to writing that will work for you too. And let me say, there are hundreds of blogs claiming to know the secret to get you started. Because it worked for them, then why won’t it work for you, right? Well, it isn’t always that easy. At least for me, I’ve tried several different ways to keep focused, but what works for others does not work for me. And that is totally okay.

What I do when I sit down and write.

1. Plan out when I am going to write – Almost like a date. I went out and purchased a planner and literally wrote out what chapter I am editing that day. In the same way, when I was writing the first draft, I would jot down goals for completing each section. Based on how many words I could write per day, one chapter could take up to two weeks.

2. Force myself to sit down and actually write – This is the single easiest and most difficult part of writing for me… actually writing. No, I don’t turn off the internet. But I do turn on some classical music on and close out of every open tab that I have. For quick access to my books, I use Google Drive. After I get a chapter completed, I move it to Scrivener for formatting when I go to publish. Because of this, I need the internet on so Google Docs can save and update as I type.

3. Take breaks every hour – To me, breaks are essential to my writing process. However, I have to be sure that they are both strategic and constructive. Wait, what? Constructive breaks? Yes! Usually, I spend my 10-15 minute breaks on Pinterest looking up writing prompts, author inspiration, or tips to self-publishing. It gives me something else to look at, but also helps keep me motivated to get back to my novel.

Tips for the aspiring writer.

  1. Find what works for youThink outside the box! Don’t stop until you are comfortable with a routine. Many blogs have their own ‘solutions’, but that just means that it worked for that particular author. You? You’re different! Unique! Utilize other blogs for ideas, but change things up if it doesn’t work. Don’t be afraid to try new things, new environments, etc. On the flip side, don’t force yourself into a routine that doesn’t work. It’s your passion! Make it fun!
  2. Get to it! Whatever gets you inspired, use it. Put up a quote in your work space – anything! Inspiration and motivation may not come every day you sit down to write, but keep going.  Hold yourself accountable to a specific word count or specific amount of time. Cherish it. No excuses! I promise that once you sit down to write, it only takes a few minutes before you realize that you are already immersed in your story.
  3. Procrastination is your enemy. In the realm of writers, procrastination stems from fear of failure and being judged. It’s a natural reaction! I mean, you spend a year or so writing something that you love and craft from scratch. When you go to publish and the world can read your work, it feels similar to standing in the middle of a busy mall, completely naked. With that kind of exposure, no wonder we procrastinate. The only thing that worked for me was ignoring that feeling of dread and just write. Again, do whatever works for you to keep from procrastinating.
  4. Don’t feel bad if you have to scrap it. I can’t tell you how many bad ideas I had to go through, attempt to write, and cry internally when I had to scrap them. Remember, it’s paving the way for a really great idea! Don’t get discouraged or feel like you’re failing if your first few ideas don’t work out. It happens to all of us, but it is a learning experience.
  5. Don’t worry about what other authors do. There are thousands of blogs out there with their own opinions and tips, but it can get easily overwhelming. If you feel like you are being bombarded with conflicting information, just put down the computer and walk away for a while. Always remember that you will have to find your own way. When you are honest with yourself, you will turn out a better product. 🙂

I hope this helps and is broad enough to cover everything. But I will be the first to admit that I don’t know everything. Tell me, what do you do that works? Any tips for me??? Comment below!

My First Post!

Well, hello! I wanted my first post to be about my first book. But don’t worry, my blog won’t be exclusively about ‘me, me, me’ or ‘my book, buy it, now, did you buy it?’ 🙂

Okay. So what is this book called? What’s it about? Where am I in the process of getting it to print?

I have always been drawn to fantasy writing. The ability to create an entire world from nothing really appeals to me. It’s almost sad how giddy I get when I start creating a new world. But – hey – aren’t all writers in love with the process? Anyway… on one side, I thought about writing a series about elves in a fantasy world like Lord of the Rings. I also did not want to bite off more than I could chew either. In reality, I knew I wanted to write something that was worthy of self-publication (and I will write a post as to why I decided to self-publish later). And just like that, I was struck with an epiphany. A quote on Pinterest struck me as instant gold. Suddenly, I threw open a notebook and started writing out an outline, character profiles, and the potential for two more books.

It wasn’t what I had intended, at first. A post-apocalyptic setting just seemed right for this story. Five hundred years since the entire world was entangled in a war that nearly wiped out all human existence. The lead character, a strong, bad-ass woman who protects a small colony of farmers from merciless Gangs that cover half of the region. Early on, she comes across a vault with two survivors. These two brothers beg her to help them find their father, who had left the vault years before the Gangs were able to infiltrate and enslave their friends. The whole novel is a roller-coaster of risk, secrets, and surprises. I don’t particularly like books with huge chunks of boring chapters so I spent a lot of time writing action packed scenes.

Currently, I am in the 1st and 2nd edits of the book. I go through the chapter with a fine-tooth comb twice before my husband’s cousin (my editor) offers her edits to me. I also just had a daughter in late December, so I am spending my maternity leave editing like crazy! My goal is to have Book 1, titled Purpose done with copyright and adorned with an appropriate cover by early Summer or late Spring. Then, I will do one last read through and get it published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. by the end of August.

If you are interested in reading this book, I hope that it surpasses your expectations! I’m including the Blurb for Purpose below. This will be on the back of the paperback copy when it is finally published:

The only remnants of the Old Times are crumbling cities and desolate streets. Their tales, all but lost. Five hundred years have passed since the Old Time Wars, nearly causing the extinction of all humans.

Descendants of the few survivors have since rebuilt. Power, weaponry, and skill in battle now rule the region where Eva Calloway resides. She protects a colony of Rovers from the two largest Gangs in the region, desperate to atone for her own bloody past.

Everything changes when she rescues brothers, Jake and Tommy McAvoy, from a mysterious vault that has not been opened since the wars. With each step closer to finding the boys’ missing father, the ghosts of her past begin to reappear. Now, Eva will be forced to fight her way out of the darkness or else be consumed by it.