Weekend Writing 2

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writing prompt 8

“Great,” Quinn said crossing his arms. “Now what?”

Mark had a dumb grin on his face. “It isn’t all bad… We shrunk near food. This will last us a lifetime!”

“Um… no.” Quinn was pacing around what felt like a city but was only the counter top in his mother’s home. “We aren’t going to stay like this forever. How did we even get this way? If we figure that out, maybe we can get un-shrunk.”

“But look at how big everything is!” Mark was in awe. He threw his arms out in front of a giant cupcake. “I could swim in this icing Quinn! Well… not swim, but you know.”

“What about school? What about dating? What about our lives? If our parents find us like this…”

“Well did you brew a shrinking potion?”

“We haven’t covered that in class… Did you?”

“Maybe it was your sister, but she could have mixed it in something we drank. Or maybe someone cast a shrinking spell. Like I said, I’m not worried about it.”

Just then, Quinn’s sister walked into the room, smiling slyly. In her hand was a wand, her mother’s wand. She bent over the counter and laughed at the boys.

“Mom is going to be so mad that you used her wand,” yelled Quinn. “You know how powerful she is. I’m surprised the spell didn’t kill you, Pam.”

“Who said anything about me casting a spell?” Pam pretended to smash her brother. “Hey, I was trying out something I learned from my studies. But this is way more fun than shrinking a cup or a mouse.”

“So you had your fun Pam. Un-shrink us!”

“Or what?”

“Or I tell mom you were using her wand.”

“Not if I put you in a jar. I’ll just tell her that you went to Mark’s for the weekend.”

Mark had been eating the gigantic cupcake until he heard his name. He was covered in icing and almost slipped as he ran over to the edge of the table. Even though he was the size of a gummy bear and may be like that forever, he was laughing and jumping around. But it may have been a sugar high.


And just like that, Pam grabbed her teeny brother and his friend and ran into her room. She had a glass tank waiting for them. Quinn thought it was weird that this tank had a small living space in it. Did his sister seriously believe their parents wouldn’t notice he was gone? And Mark was an only child. Both of his parents would be calling the authorities once it got dark. Was she going to lie and say that Mark was spending the weekend at their house?

She dropped the boys into the tank and closed the lid, but did not realize that a corner of the top was left wide open. Quinn did. When her shadow disappeared down the hall, he got to work.

“What are you doing?” Mark was sitting on the tiny couch and eating a shrunken pizza. “This is nice. We could stay here for at least the weekend.”

Quinn was already hard at work. He was pulling toothpicks from a wall his sister made in order to make a small ladder. “No way dude. Once I get my wand, I’m going to change us back and put her in here.”

“You don’t even know how to do that.”

“I can figure it out. Trust me… Now get over here and help.”

Mark sighed loudly and got up to hold the pieces of wood together so Mark could wrap them securely. “Why can’t you just chill out? It could be worse.”

“She can’t just do whatever she wants. When she learns new spells, she can’t practice them on me… or you… with our mother’s wand. It has so much power and she could seriously get hurt.”

“Why doesn’t she use her own wand?”

“No clue. Maybe my mom confiscated it.”

The ladder was complete. It had taken over two hours and half of the material that Pam used to make the living space. Mark and Quinn were panting from the work, but they were done. Time to make the climb.

“I’ll go first,” Quinn volunteered. “I can get to my room and get my wand. Pam will be lucky if I don’t see Mom on the way to my room.”

“Wait,” Mark reached in his pocket. “Why didn’t we just make the ladder with magic?”

“Because I don’t have my wand.” Quinn’s eyebrow raised. “Aren’t you listening to me? Have you been listening to me AT ALL in the past, like, four hours we have been the size of a gummy bear?”

His friend was put his hand in his other pocket. “No, I was. I listened to about thirty percent of what you said. But why do we have to use your wand? We can use mine if you want.”

“WHAT?!” Quinn nearly punched his friend. “Why the hell did you not mention this before?”

“I just thought about it…” Mark smiled again.

“I have been mentioning it since we got shrunk.” Quinn was yelling so loud that the glass walls of their temporary prison were ringing. “We could have avoided this whole situation if you just told me you had your wand on you this whole damn time.”

“Maybe I wanted to be tiny for a bit.”

Quinn was at a loss for words. He snatched his friend’s wand and climbed out of the ladder with Mark at his heels. They hopped out of the tank and climbed down to the floor. Quinn flicked the wand and grew back to normal size.

“Hey!” Mark squealed from the floor. “What about me?”

“I thought you said you wanted to be tiny for a while.” Quinn decided he would keep his friend the size of a gummy bear for a while. At least until the end of the day.

Writing Prompt.png

Writing Prompt.png

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