Harry Potter Writing Prompt

*DISCLAIMER* I do not own anything affiliated with Harry Potter or Hogwarts.**

I created a Hogwarts Sorting Quiz (LINK BELOW). Then, scroll down to your House, choose a few inspiration pieces, and write a story!

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Writing Prompt



Thunderstorms, swimming, curling up with a hot chocolate in winter, good company, a moonlit dinner, sushi, starlight reflecting off the ocean, the pitter patter of rain, winning an award, creative writing, leggings and an oversized sweater, smokey eye makeup, eating with chopsticks, early spring or late autumn nights, the feeling of finishing a huge project, smell of freshly fallen snow, the feeling of waves on your ankles, walking barefoot in a forest, living in the mountains, a gigantic and ancient castle, touch of a loved one on your cheek, listening to classical music, being alone in your own thoughts.


Summer, deep-sea diving, tanning on the beach, ice-cold lemonade or ice tea, clinking ice against a glass, dancing, being in a crowd, Christmas lights, wind-chimes in Spring, Pop Music, jean shorts and a tank top, flip flops, turkey club with crisp lettuce, bright green eyes, chopped salad with fresh veggies, late spring and early summer breeze on a clear night, warm sand, a medieval mansion, candlelight, bonfires, an open pasture, living in a beach home, open windows, changing leaves of autumn, a kiss.


Autumn and early Winter, hiking, crunching branches underneath boots, skiing, apple cider, the feeling of fresh pages on a new book, the scent of a library, an A on your test, snow boots and a big coat, a crisp winter night, stargazing, Astrology, Thanksgiving, soup, playing an instrument, dark hair, a bear hug, a crackling fireplace, studying for a test, a snowball in your hand, evergreen trees, Christmas gifts, family, a tear running down your cheek.


Late Winter and early Spring, the first blossoms of Spring, a Cherry Blossom tree, gardening, soil in your hands, the smell of freshly cut grass, sounds of sprinklers in the front yard, bicycling down the street, a long walk around the neighborhood, Barbecues, french fries and a burger, marathon running, horticulture, boho and hippie clothes, feathers in your hair, tribal tattoos, a welcoming smile, natural living, a small cottage in the woods, a few good friends, holding hands, board games, the first rain of the year, meditation, laying in an open field.

I hope these give you some good ideas for a short story! Choose one or try and use all of them. Pretend you’re in Hogwarts? Who knows! Go for it!

🙂 Enjoy 🙂

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