Saturday Writing Prompt

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Peter. My first love. The sweet and caring man. He was there for me when my mother died. Thick, golden locks like midday ocean waves basked in sunlight. Eyes, green leaves right after the morning dew. Milky, white skin. No blemishes, all perfection. His muscular figure hardened only by his daily routine of exercise. And yet, his hands were not hardened by labor. Only his mind worked tirelessly day by day. He was sharp, witty, and eloquent like Shakespeare but never boastful about it. When he spotted someone in need, there was no question in whether he aided them.

And Tyler. My bad boy. Loyal and brave to no end. His promises were always kept and he would never allow anything to happen to me. Mysterious, honey eyes hide a deeply troubled past. His hair was the same color as a calm twilight and just as breathtaking. Although his skin was hardened by the sun and his palms were worn by work, he was always gentle and loved me like no one else could.

I thought Peter had fallen for another and moved onto Tyler years later. It wasn’t until I came home that dreary night in October that I would see Peter. I remember how he stood in my kitchen. He was stiff, not relaxed. How he got into my apartment, I would never know. A glint in his eyes told me something was wrong. I wanted to start making dinner, but he told me not to speak or to move. Like I said, something was NOT right. As soon as Tyler arrived home from work, my fears were confirmed. 

“I am going to hand you both a chair,” he stated. “You will sit near the front door. Do not look in the kitchen. And please don’t ask any questions.”

We did as we were instructed. Peter’s tone made my heart skip a few beats. Tyler tried hiding his terror with anger but could not mask his fear when two men with guns appeared from the kitchen. One man pointed his gun at Peter. The other walked over to us and stuck his barrel at Tyler’s temple.

“What the f*** is going on?” I looked at my boyfriend who was on the verge of tears. “Peter. What is going on?”

“I never told you…” he trailed off. The man with the gun yelled in a foreign language and prodded with the barrel of his firearm. “I was a spy… and I -“

“Wait. What?” Tyler’s voice was shaking. Or maybe it was my breathing. I really did not know.

“They have already promised not to kill you.” Peter wore a faint smile. “I have secured your safety.”

I was shaking my head and that was when the tears came. “Please. I’m scared. What do you mean Peter?”

“I screwed up okay?!” He was surprisingly calm. Almost like he had been in this situation before. Did I know him as well as I thought I did?

“CHOOSE!” One of the men shouted at me.

“What are they talking about?” I was becoming hysterical. So was Tyler. I had never seen him so upset or Peter so emotionless.

“The only way they will let you live is if you choose who dies.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“You have to pick. Me or Tyler. Whoever lives, these people will wipe their memory. The other will die.”

“What the hell? Why?!”

“I made the mistake of killing someone that I shouldn’t have. But I did it to save you.”

I was speechless.

“Three days ago, there was someone who put a hit out on you. I killed the assassin… but now I have to pay the price to these people.”

“Who would want to kill me?”

“Don’t you dare Peter…” Tyler finally spoke up again. “You know nothing.”

“What the F*** is going on guys? Tyler? Peter?”

“Tyler wanted you dead.”

“Shut up Peter! You know nothing! It was not me.”

I didn’t know who to believe, but the armed man next to me started counting down from ten, slowly.

“You have to choose! Please. Or they’ll kill all of us.”

I wanted to vomit. I wanted to cry. I was confused and terrified, but I wanted to live.

“Three. Two. One…”

I opened my mouth. My response shocked the whole room…


OKAY! I’m leaving it on a cliffhanger. 🙂 Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple days! Enjoy this prompt!

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