Weekend Writing Continued!

A CONTINUATION OF THE PROMPT YESTERDAY. Don’t forget to Follow my blog for more prompts, tips, and updates on my novels!

The men with the guns lowered their weapons. The room was silent when I stood up and opened my mouth with my response. Who would I choose? Peter, the spy who got us into this situation. Or Tyler, the man who put a hit out on me for some unknown reason. What they weren’t counting on was that I knew more than they thought…

“I choose.” Peter was silent. Tyler was staring at me. I could feel their eyes on me but I did not lock onto their gaze. “Neither.”

The room was silent. Tyler’s mouth was wide open. Peter gasped. It wasn’t until the armed men walked over to me that the men began to understand.

“You see.” I cleared my throat. “I did not want these things to be true, but I found out what you both were doing a few days ago. These nice men gave me a letter from my father who works as a spy for the country. Ever since my mom died mysteriously, he has kept an eye on me… his only child.”

Peter rose a brow. I continued.

“When my father found out Tyler had put a hit out on me, he had his men keep a close eye on me. And Peter… he knew you were a spy for a foreign country for quite sometime. But he wanted me to be happy. Happy, but safe. When he knew that both of you had it out for me, he stepped in.”

“I..I..” the boys were speechless.

“It’s just sad to me,” I motioned for the men to leave. “That both of the men I thought I loved would do something so heinous. But I’m not as low as both of you. I wasn’t planning on killing either of you. Was it worth it gentlemen?”

“You want the truth?” Peter walked towards Tyler and put his arm around him. “Tyler and I are in love. You were holding us back. I mean… you tried and keep each other a secret while you cheated on us with one another…”

And that was the last I saw of them. They stood up and walked out. Tyler had his sister return to my house to get his things. Over all, I suppose that I couldn’t make the choice between the two. I’m happy the decision was made for me.

I hope you enjoyed the ending! Here is another writing prompt for the weekend. ENJOY 🙂

Writing Prompt

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