Happy Saturday!

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I walk this luscious Earth and smile at the greenery around me. The animals that walk around me, but never close enough for me to touch them. They nod their head as my equal, sentient, aware. I was part of this creation, rather, its creator… though my wings yearn for my old home. It’s beauty is unmatched, even compared to the rolling hills, babbling brooks, monstrous mountains, and vast oceans of this world. But I chose to walk this path, guarding my purpose.

What is my fate on this land? To keep it untainted. I vowed to protect these rolling hills, babbling brooks, monstrous mountains, and vast oceans. All of this beauty overwhelms me from time to time, my tears cover these endless horizons as I walk for all eternity. And as I think of my home often, I remember that these footprints that I leave behind are of my own doing. My own choice.

And yes, I do stretch my wings from time to time. Their feathers dancing against the wind as I lift to the sky. My eyes, downcast at the sight beneath me. Unfurling beneath me, a never ending landscape of trees and pastures, gradually rising to snowy, rocky caps. As I travel the world, it changes from green forests, bursting with life and noises from the countless animals that inhabit it, to the barren deserts, nearly devoid of life and as silent as death. I have grown to love it all. And I have become protective of every grain of sand to blade of grass.

Over these millennia, I have seen many things come and go. Even a flower, it’s life so fleeting, leaves its mark on every other flower around it. Every life, every death. It has a reason… except for my own. As I do not die, my footprints will remain, my soft touch on the trees as I pass them, and my breath against the wind as it blows around me. These things, too, remain for eons along with me.

For there will never be another like me. The rest have left, long ago. They created, but they did not stay. No. That was my burden to bear. Mine and mine alone. I remember them all, though. There were so many. The battles that ensued. Debates of what should be created and how it should be done. Thousands of years of chaos before the end result. What became of these quarrels is truly a sight to behold. The lives that were lost is the reason that I protect what they died for.

But my life has not been without bloodshed. I swore to protect this land, and protect it I shall. It was when the humans were created that my land began to decay around me. Everywhere I went, the greenery curled to their graves in a brown dust. Peaceful animals were murdered for sport and nothing more. The very air was fart too toxic to even breathe. How they could survive in a land that had given so much for their needless hate, I will never comprehend. 

And while I allowed them to share this land with me for a time, I grew in rage with each passing day. The needless destruction and the refusal to change became white hot in my heart. But the most heinous thing was that, through the ages, these humans became bloodthirsty. They killed each other in the millions. With each generation, deadlier means were used. Children were slaughtered but no change was made. Finally I had enough. I loved this earth, not these abominations.

Yes, I ended the human race. With the swipe of my blade, an entire race fell to their knees. You see, I am not just an angel. I am the Angel of Destruction. I care not for the petulance of humans. In fact, I enjoyed ending their existence. Every drop of blood on my sword made me smile. I turned my head to the heavens and laughed at them. How could they be so foolish to create beings that are so selfish? They became do distracted with killing each other that they were easy to slay. My blackened wings will forever be speckled with droplets of their crimson blood. For an angel I am no longer.


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! 🙂


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