Writing Prompt 4/17

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He always got the attention. She was the outcast because her powers were nothing like their parents, Poseidon and Amphitrite. There were days that they left her in her sea castle, alone, where she studied ancient arts of potion making. When her brother was showing off his new abilities, she was studying. One day, when she was about fifteen, she brought her parents a Love Potion that she had been working diligently to perfect.

“Why would anyone want that?” her mother asked. “Love isn’t something you just make. It’s something you feel.”

But Ursula wanted to use it on her mother and father because, maybe, it would make them love her, too. She spent most nights talking to her two best friends, Flotsam and Jetsam. They were young eels, but they were the only creatures in the entire ocean who liked her.

Maybe it was her beauty that her mother was jealous of. Triton was a handsome boy, but took after his father. However, Amphitrite was beautiful, but not as beautiful as her daughter. Urusula was known throughout the ocean as the Hidden Pearl. Other sea creatures would wait for days to see her beautiful white hair and skin, lightly touched with lavender. And while she was not a mermaid like Triton or Poseidon, but a Cecaelia, half human half octopus, her beauty radiated from all angles of her.

But the neglect from her parents would change all of that. Years passed, and the beautiful Ursula spent most of her time trying to impress her family, particularly her mother. To no avail, mind you. Every potion she brewed was tossed across the castle, broken, or completely ignored. Finally, when she was an adult, Ursula left her family behind and hid from the world in an ancient cave. With her, came Flotsam and Jetsam, the only friends that she had in the entire world.

They appreciated her work, but so did another. A Half-Hydra by the name of Calix. Merwomen and other female sea creatures fought desperately for his attention, but he had seen Ursula leaving Poseidon’s castle and followed. It was her beauty that enticed him to keep going, venturing for days to her secluded cave in the Bermuda Triangle.

It was silent. Calix had lost sight of her, but followed the trail left behind as she drifted through the eerily calm water. As he rounded the corner, he saw her entire beauty. He begged for her hand in marriage. She obliged. But she was shocked that anyone would want to show her affection.

“I don’t understand,” she said. “Why me?”

“You are an amazing person,” he replied with a smile. “And the most stunning creature I have ever seen.”

On the day of their wedding, Ursula was having Flotsam and Jetsam put the finishing touches on her make-up before she would make the long journey to her father’s castle. They reluctantly agreed to host the ceremony.

“At least my parents will be there,” she thought. “And my brother.”

The welcoming sight of the mile-high towers brought back memories for the young woman. Both good and bad images from the past arose in her mind. When she entered through the front gates, her parents were standing there with her soon-to-be husband. They had smiles on their faces, but they were not looking at her. She turned around, and Triton was there with his father’s trident. It was pointed in the direction of Calix.

“What’s going on?” Ursula cried as two guards grabbed her, holding her back.

“This man is evil,” her brother growled. “He would steal the crown from King Poseidon himself.”

Ursula was the next in line for the throne. When her father passed, Calix would be the heir. But Triton would never let that happen. The crown was HIS. In a blink of an eye, the only man who loved her was dead. Her brother stood there with an evil smile on his face. His sister was released and banished from the land in tears.

Since then, Ursula lived in a constant state of depression growing to become what Ariel, King Triton’s daughter, came to know. Her face became grotesque from lack of sunlight and her bitterness persisted. She would die in the same way she lived, alone and miserable.


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Writing Prompt 2

Writing Prompt 4/9

writing prompt

I was the new kid in school. My parents moved around a lot, and it always freaked me out when I had to go to class the next day.

“No one will even notice sweetie,” my mom would ALWAYS say. “Just wear your contact.”

That was the only thing that made me feel normal, my one brown contact. It made my eyes the same color, because they weren’t. When people noticed, I felt like a freak. They would stare… always stare. Kids would point at me, asking their parents what was wrong. I would get some compliments, sure, but complete Heterchromia is somewhat rare. Guys would flirt with me, saying how “unique” I look.

But I don’t want to be “unique”. I just want to be normal. The FIRST thing everyone sees is my eyes. People know me for just that, not my name. Hell, most people probably don’t know that my full name is Emberle Emilia Evancough. EEE… that’s pretty unique. Why can’t people know me for something like THAT?

That isn’t my parent’s last name. They adopted me and let me keep my old last name. They liked the EEE thing, I guess.

Anyway, I bought the brown contact for that reason. I started to wear it, and people stopped staring, pointing, and bothering me about it. My bright blue eye is now covered. It itches like crazy when my allergies come in during Spring, but I don’t care.

Of course I start this new school when my eye is particularly itchy. The flowers were all in bloom, shooting their pollen into my eyes like tiny bullets. Tiny. Itchy. Bullets. Well, that’s what it felt like. And yes, I begged my mom not to let me start that day, but she told me to “Get over it Emberle. You’re in High School for God’s sake.”

“I just want to fit in,” I told her. “I don’t want to stick out. What if my contact falls out and gets scratched. Then I can’t put it back in?”

“Then you keep your eyes closed all day,” my dad joked. But it wasn’t funny. I was being serious. WHY DON’T THEY LISTEN TO ME?

When I walked through those doors to a sea of people, backpack strapped across my shoulder, I wanted to die. Literally die. My eye started itching, so I reached for my eye drops. NO! I forgot them at home. I turned to where my mother had dropped me off, but her car was already gone. I couldn’t chase after her. Crap. 

“Don’t itch it,” I whispered. But I knew it wouldn’t last. I am such an idiot. I just ran to my first class, pushing through the crowds. If I sat in the back of the room, I could put my head down on the desk where no one could see.

The first part of the day was successful. I managed to make it through Period 1, 2, & 3 without incident. Lunch, however, was a little different. The Seniors & Juniors already took most of the spots in the Cafeteria that would allow me to be alone. Even the secluded picnic tables outside were taken by them. The Underclassmen were stuck in the crappier tables, all bunched together like sardines.

I grabbed my tray of food and squished between a boy and a girl. This table, at least, looked like it was filled with Nerds. They were talking about the Dungeons & Dragons game they were playing over the weekend. When they saw me, they asked my name.

“Emberle,” I answered with a half-smile. “Nice to meet you all.” But it wasn’t nice. I was focusing on my stupid eye. The windows in the Cafeteria were open, so the pollen was floating inside. You couldn’t see it, but I could feel it. My body was screaming “EMBERLE! WHY DO YOU TORTURE US WITH THIS FOREIGN OBJECT!? WE MUST MAKE YOU SCRATCH!”

But if my contact fell out… then everyone would see. And the rest of the day would suck. And I would want to die. I begged my body to stop, but it just made it worse. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I scratched. And, of f****** course, my contact fell out ON THE FLOOR. I tried not to look up, but one of the guys at the table noticed.

“Is everything alright?” he asked.

“Fine,” I said. It looked like I was winking at him. God, I look so stupid. “I just lost my contact.”

“Oh no! Can you see okay or do you need help?”

I guess my brain wasn’t processing things correctly. It was probably the pollen. Looking up at them, I realized my mistake. The whole entire table gasped in unison. If my eyes weren’t such dramatically different colors, they may have not been so shocked.

“Your eyes…” one started to speak.

I was tearing up at this point. “I know. They look silly. I was born like this. And now, everyone can see. They look… they look…”

The boy from across the table pulled out something in his eye and looked at me. “They look just like mine. Only the opposite eye.”

My eyes widened. I had to squint to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. But he was right. His blue eye was on his left. Mine, right. His brown eye was on the right. Mine, left. Something felt weird when I looked at him, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Eli,” said the girl sitting next to him. “Emberle looks a lot like you! Like scarily. Could she be your…?”

I felt like I was in a dream. He tilted his head and asked, “Are you adopted, per chance?”

I answered him with another question. “What is your last name?”

“Evancough,” he said. “Eli Emmett Evancough. My parents wanted to keep my old last name because of the-“

“The EEE,” I don’t think I had ever smiled so big in my life. Holy shit. I found my long-lost twin. My heart was racing. He was a mirror image of me, literally. Even the eyes. His hair was the same color. In fact, he looked like me in a masculine-form.

“This is the COOLEST lunch period EVER,” one of the guys laughed. The table instantly started asking me questions.

From then on, my parents never moved again. And I never put in that brown contact again.


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