Overdue Writing Prompt 6/12/18

writing prompt 16

It was the only way I could learn, daddy told me. “Outside. In nature,” he said. Every day I asked why, but he would never tell me. “You’re special” he would say, but nothing more. I wasn’t allowed to go to school after mommy died and daddy was all too hesitant to take me into town. It must have been something to do with the flowers.

What flowers you ask? Well, my daddy was right about me being special, but he wanted to hide me from the rest of the world. When I was thirteen and we were in the forest doing math, I couldn’t focus on my studies for some reason. My feet were touching the ground and I was sitting on a tree stump that daddy had made into a chair. He was standing next to me with an easel, trying to get me to pay attention. I wasn’t. Well… I couldn’t.

No matter how hard I tried, the feeling of soft grass on the soles of my feet seemed more interesting at the moment. As I moved my foot and revealed a trampled patch of greenery, something happened. A chill ran down my spine and to my feet. I thought it was a breeze from the Spring air. It wasn’t until I saw the frost where the indentations in the ground were.

Daddy started packing up his things and told me that we needed to “Go Home.” He looked around. Had anyone seen us? I was fed up. “I will not be hidden forever,” I threw my hands out to the sides and white icicles shot out of my fingertips. The feeling was electrifying. I craved more power. I refused to let it end.

In my anger, he told me how mommy died. “YOU killed her, you monster,” he screamed. “She held you in her arms while you cried as an infant, freezing her heart and her body. But she refused to let go. She loved you too much.”

So that was why daddy would never hug me unless I was happy. I hadn’t thought about it until now. He was afraid of what I could do. He was afraid of me. He called me a monster that day.

And that was the day I left.

In the middle of Spring, I was the Winter-Bringer. My daddy stood there, sobbing softly as I disappeared between the oak trees, frozen as I caressed their bark.

Today, I live in the city. No one knows of my powers… well… at least that I can remember. I even changed my hair to match Winter’s chill. It’s funny, everyone fears that the cold brings death, but it only holds onto what will grow the next year. I took it upon myself to show the beauty of the season, bringing it early each year.

Speaking of which… It’s about that time of year again. Time for me to start covering this busy city with a sleepy blanket of snow.


I hope you enjoyed! I know it’s been a while, but even writers go through spurts of inspiration. Hopefully mine will last for some time 🙂 Don’t forget to follow me for updates on the release of The Wanderer Trilogy: Purpose in the next couple months!


I’m keeping with the theme of the seasons today! Let’s see what you got! Comment below with your writings.

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