Just a Quick Poem

Here is just a little something I wrote tonight. No edits, just writing off the cusp.


Bury Me in White


Nature hides the death it sews with flakes of pure starlight,

All things must end in order to begin anew.

Here I shall stay while the seasons change,

Awaiting that what the Winter carries.

Draped in baskets woven from pillows spanning vast horizons overhead,

Grays above, so below. But from the gray, a flicker of white.

Droplets that have journeyed down softer than their kin

Tarry with me and witness their descent.

Blankets wrap around all that was once blossomed, a welcoming beauty

Sparling in the sea of unique flakes, I try, though cannot count them all.

For they are as numerous as the stars from which they bear their light,

I could spend my life waiting an answer.

Perchance I were to grow old with each passing year,

The seasons come and go just the same.

Bury me within the snow,

That I may rise in Spring.

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