I’m Not Her Mary Jane

“Can we just stop talking about this?” Madison leaned closer to the microphone and enunciated his response.

This was the dozenth time that the neighbor, Kendra, tried to interview her for the College Newspaper. Everyone on the damn campus knew who her roommate was outside of classes, but she never talked much. Kendra just hoped that she could get some insider information on “The Mage”.

“We both know that I am not going to stop harassing you until I get a column in the paper… Now, I’ll ask you again… tell me about your roommate – Victoria Brooks aka The Mage.”

By this point, Madison was fed up with being badgered. “Fine. It’s annoying. She leaves at all times of the morning and night, but she isn’t quiet about it. Look at these bags under my eyes. That’s from lack of sleep. She may not need it, but I friggin do.”

Kendra sat back in her chair with her hands up. “Woah. Okay… what about the good things? Is she helping other countries? What type of powers does she use here?”

“She almost blew up the entire dorm and everyone in it. Tried to light a Bunsen Burner and lit it too violently.” Madison pointed to a large, V-shaped, blackened space on the wall. “She’s lucky she can control the fire once it goes flying out of her hand.”

It was almost like the interviewer suffered from selective hearing. “So, what good things?”

But Madison refused to back down. She stood up, paced around the room, choosing her words carefully. There are no good things, she wanted to say. “I’m not her Mary Jane,” she finally said. “Let’s just put it that way.”

Kendra only picked up on the Spiderman reference. “Oh, how cool! Do you help her with saving the world?”

“You are some kind of moron, aren’t you?” Madison shook her head, walked over to the mic, and rose her voice. “She doesn’t tell me anything. She just annoys the crap out of me. I don’t get sleep. I’m constantly worried for my life because she can’t control the severity of her powers. I live in constant stress. Guess what? No one cares about me. I’m just the only one you can talk to without asking her these questions. But she never talks to me. We aren’t friends. I didn’t even know her last name until you just said it.”

The recording software screeched and an awkward silence hung between Kendra and Madison. The Interviewer just stood up, brushed off her skirt, snatched up her materials, and slammed the door behind her.

At that moment Madison rushed over to the window and looked down. “You know I friggin hate you right Vicki? All that – that I just told her – it’s all true. You really need to stop thinking about just you.”

The Mage floated into the room and landed in between the two beds. “At least your Acting Major is paying off, right?”

Sorry for the short one today! Some days inspire me more than others. 🙂

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